Saturday, August 30, 2008

A New Set of Wheels!

I'm a 75-year-old kid with a new toy. I have a new set of wheels!

In fact, there are six wheels on my new machine -- and I can drive it with a joy stick!

It's a JET 2 -- from Pride Mobility Products Corp.

OK, OK --- It's an electric-powered wheel chair. (I had to train my wife to not call it an "electric chair." That term just didn't charge me with joy.)

Compared to the old style, self-powered wheel chairs, this JET 2 is a joy. I'm eager to get it out on the sidewalks, as soon as we can get the needed ramps installed.

I am grateful to the MDA, ALS Division: they made it possible for me to use this loaner while my personalized electric-powered chair is being prepared.

I hope people are generous in their response to the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon this weekend -- that's where the MDA gets is operating funds. Contributions to the MDA support ongoing research for a cure, and make it possible for ALS patients like me to ride in style.

The MDA and its ALS Division are doing a good work.


gommy said...

Maybe we can paint racing stripes on your Jet-2?

Tim said...

Congrats dad! I'm glad you've got a way to be more mobile now, without compromising safety!
Gotta get back to the telethon now!