Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Language of the Soul

Music is the "language of the soul."

Some people write music to express what is in their souls -- others listen so that it can minister to their souls. Both of these factors were probably true for David -- known as "The Sweet Psalmist of Israel." Many of the 150 Psalms (or songs) in the Old Testament were written by him.

Today, while browsing the files in my notebook computer, I was startled to discover that I have saved 3,696 music files on its hard drive -- 2,381 of which are in folders I have labeled "Praise & Worship."

Why have I copied so much music to my computer for ready listening? Simply because music IS the language of MY soul. Many of these music files express my reasons for praising God -- others are vehicles of communion as I worship my Lord.

Scripture teaches us that men ought to always praise God. The music files in my laptop help me to obey that biblical admonition. Indeed, most of the music I listen to is an effective means of praise and worship.

Now that ALS has compromised my speech, music that expresses praise and worship has become an increasingly important means of fellowship with my Heavenly Father.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Leap of Faith

About fifty years ago, as a seminary student, I was exposed to a phrase coined by a theologian. The phrase is "the leap of faith." When it comes to believing to be healed of ALS. it seems like a pretty big leap.

It is, however, a faith-building encouragement to read stories like the one posted on YouTube in April of last year. It is a TV news report about a lady having been healed of ALS. To read the report, please go to:

The Word of the Lord is that God is not a respecter of persons -- meaning that his grace and favor are available to anyone and everyone.

Would you do me a favor -- please? Agree with me in prayer that I, too, will be healed of this debilitating disease. Historically, ALS leads to death in two to five years. BUT, according to the Word of the Lord -- and the YouTube report cited above -- healing is available.

That's what I want and what I'm believing for. Please add your faith to mine in this quest.