Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Body of Christ -- In Action

Our front doorbell rang. When we answered, one of our neighbors – a retired police officer – asked if he could mow our yard for us. We delightfully agreed. He proceeded – and did a professional quality job. A few hours later, as I was sitting out in our front yard patio making notes in my laptop computer for posting to my blog, he drove by with the top down on his cute personal sports convertible. It must have warmed his heart to see Margaret (my wife) and me enjoying the beauty and freshness of his kind gesture.

As I was getting my thoughts together for this blog entry, a couple called asking if they could bring our dinner in a few hours.

A young man whom I have known for several years volunteers to drop by on a regular basis and help me when I need to transfer from my wheelchair into the shower.

A neighbor who pastors a church other than the one I attend stopped by and asked how he could help. I mentioned a limb that had fallen and was scraping against the galvanized flu extending above the chimney, causing a disturbing sound in the fireplace beside my recliner. He retrieved a ladder from my garage and removed the fallen limb. Now, my naps in the recliner are undisturbed.

Just being friendly? Just being good neighbors? Interpret it how you will. I see it as the Body of Christ in action.

I recall that when Jesus’ disciples got uptight because they saw people who were not a part of their little circle doing the works of Christ, Jesus corrected them and assured them that He had others who were on his team.

One of many things I am learning from my wheelchair of ALS confinement is the breadth of brotherly love and vastness of presence there is within the Body of Christ.

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Tim said...

If I may offer a variation on the words of Jesus: "Freely you have given, freely receive."

After witnessing a lifetime of your being on the other side of the actions of the body of Christ, now you get to see others role you have played for so long.